How to use Astrology Dice for Divination

How to use Astrology Dice for Divination

Astrology dice are used by astrologers, witches, and other walks of life for the purpose of divination. These special dice contain 3 dice in a set, each with 12 sides. The dies are each based on a different part of astrology, which are, the planets, houses and zodiac signs. Each of these parts have a different meaning and how they are to be interpreted.

Houses - The area of life that will be the focus

Signs - The emotions involved in the situation

Planets - The actions, details or conditions that affect the situation

As with anything in divination feel free to have them represent different roles that fit your specific needs.

This type of tool isn't useful for yes or no questions, something like a pendulum and pendulum board would be a much better tool for that. If you already know how to read a natal chart, these will be easier for you to use! When thrown they should be asked questions similar to what you would ask tarot, oracle or runes. Make sure to focus on the subject of interest. As with all divination, it's an acquired skill so I won't go through how to interpret the rolls, but rather the meanings of each of the symbols so your interpretations are you own. Simply roll the dice and divine!



  • 1st House - Self, appearance, beginnings, individuality, first impressions, attitude, identity, approach to life, worldview
  • 2nd House - Money, work, income, daily routines, values, material possessions, priorities, habits, job, work ethic
  • 3rd House - The mind, thinking, communications, siblings, social activities, interests, neighbors, early education
  • 4th House - Home, roots, family, self-care, emotions, foundations, mother, children, women, femininity
  • 5th House - Romance, love, affairs, play, creativity, fertility, childlike spirit, joy, self-expression, drama
  • 6th House - Health, fitness, systems, analytical nature, pets, work habits, organization, sense of usefulness, service given
  • 7th House - Relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners, equality, sharing interpersonal style.
  • 8th House - Merging, sex, intimacy, shared finances, inheritances, taxes, loans, assets, property, goals
  • 9th House - Travel, wisdom, philosophy, higher education, religion, cross-cultural relations, learning, ethics
  • 10th House - Career, long-term goals, structure, status, reputation, pubic image, masculinity, men, fathers, experts, fame
  • 11th House - Groups, friends, social awareness, humanitarianism, technology, hopes, wishes, the future
  • 12th House -  Endings, healing, closure, spirituality, solitude, karma, old age, afterlife, what's hidden, limiting beliefs, subconscious



  • ♈︎ Aries - Direct, brave, fearless, leadership, authoritative, independent, impulsive, competitive, aggressive, active, self-centered, passionate, sports, war, fighting, masculinity, male figures, self-starter, impatience
  • ♉︎ Taurus - Persistence, steadiness, trustworthiness, patience, endurance, tenacity, drive, reliability, security, stability, slow, stubbornness, resistance to change, indulgent, possessive, arts, beauty,  grudges
  • ♊︎ Gemini - Adaptability, intelligence, agility, communication, social networks, inconsistency, gossip, cunningness, mischievousness, curiosity, close friendships, siblings
  • ♋︎ Cancer - Loyalty, nurturing, emotions, support, compassion, unconditional love, dependence, passive-aggressiveness, moodiness, healing, femininity, mothers, ancestry, home, comfort, safety
  • ♌︎ Leo - Playful, leadership, inner child, brave, protective, generous, charismatic, confident, pride, selfish, dominating, vain, egotistical, fame, popularity, artistic, warm, outgoing, happiness
  • ♍︎ Virgo - Humble, modest, generous, logical, detail-oriented, responsible, organized, critical, obsessive, perfectionistic, solitude, rationality, curious, communicative, writing, routines, helpful
  • ♎︎ Libra - Charming, peaceful, diplomatic, easy-going, harmonious, relationship-oriented, artistic, intelligent, beautiful, friendly, indecisive, gullible, justice, passive-aggressive
  • ♏︎ Scorpio - Passionate, driven, secretive, wise, determined, powerful, transformative, controlling, bold, intense, paranoid, jealous, clingy, destructive, sexy, vindictive, intimidating, truthful, hidden emotions, restructuring
  • ♐︎ Sagittarius - Adventure, optimism, excess, expansion, truth-seeking, ambitious, lucky, moral, open-minded, enthusiastic, versatile, intelligence, laziness, restless, greedy, wealthy, disrespectful, hastiness, energetic
  • ♑︎ Capricorn - Strategic, determined, hard-working, disciplined, responsible, persistent, patient, masters, intelligent, ambitious, stability, security, burdened, pessimistic, self-limiting, ruthless, rigid, cynical, masculine figures, business, barriers, control
  • ♒︎ Aquarius - Progressive, innovative, futuristic, intelligent, altruistic, friendly, reformative, scattered, impersonal, quirky, unorthodox, humanitarian, friendships, future-oriented, technology, inventions, science, ambitious
  • ♓︎ Pisces - Dreamy, mystical, intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, sensitive, escapist, addictions, creativity, romance, music, self-pitying, fantasies, psychic, introspective, charitable, artistic, sickness, self-sacrificing, savior



  • ☉ Sun - Self, ego, consciousness, stamina, vitality, creation, confidence, pride, identity, individuality, self-reliance, warmth, celebration, leadership, father, masculine figures, authority, governs the heart, marrow, spinal cord, and solar plexus
  • ☾ Moon - Unconsciousness, personal needs, emotions, receptiveness, reflection, instincts, moods, habits, inner child and inner mother, security, feminine figures, nurturing, nourishment, intuition, home, governs the stomach, breasts, uterus, and ovaries
  • ☿ Mercury - Communication, writing, intelligence, language, reason, learning, sensory information, thought processes, liveliness, youth, duality, governs the abdomen, small intestines, nervous system, shoulders, hands, arms, lungs, and pancreas
  • ♀ Venus - Love, attraction, relationships, art, sociability, harmony, pleasure, finances, charm, gifts, attractiveness, sensuality, comfort, compromising, peace, balance, femininity, grace, governs the kidneys, bladder, lymphatic system, neck, throat, and cervical vertebra
  • ♂ Mars - Aggression, action, competition, passion, courage, sex, desire, survival instincts, self-assertion, the body, impulsivity, rashness, force, direction, leadership, governs the head, face, brain, muscular system, and blood
  • ♃ Jupiter - Growth, abundance, optimism, understanding, luck, expansion, finances, happiness, travel, gratitude, honor, law, morality, humor, goodwill, generosity, abstract thought, governs the butt, thighs, hips, liver, and neuromuscular system
  • ♄ Saturn - Structure, restriction, discipline, karma, obligation, foundations, ambition, responsibility, obstacles, masculine figures, dominance, burdens, blockages, conventionality, tradition, governs the skeletal system, knees, joints, teeth, ligaments, and nails
  • ♅ Uranus - Eccentricity, unpredictability, rebellion, reformation, innovation, change, openness, sudden progression, technology, society, astrology, originality, freedom, friendships, adoption, humanity, governs the ankles, calves, circulatory and electrical systems of the body
  • ♆ Neptune - Intuition, mysticism, dreams, delusion, imagination, confusion, psychic receptivity, inspiration, deceit, guilt, addictions, vulnerability, memories, spirituality, idealism, governs the feet, toes, body fluids, pineal gland, and overall immune system
  • ♇ Pluto - Power, transformation, rebirth, death, evolution, intensity, sex, subconsciousness, the occult, desire, obsessions, control, destruction, upheaval, deep emotions, receptivity, fears, governs the large intestines, bladder, sweat glands, reproductive systems, and genitals
  • ☊ North Node - The ultimate present life lessons that are meant to be learned, your soul purpose, fate, and karmic path towards fulfillment
  • ☋ South Node - The life path you followed until now, past life baggage, karmic lessons, familiarity, self-introspection, gifts or qualities you have already mastered, and fears to overcome

Each dice spread can be interpreted in many ways, just follow your spiritual path while you divine from the dice. Practice also helps, so do readings for yourself, friends and family as your confidence grows!



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