Who is Squire?

Squire is our mascot and an amazing, strong corvid of mythical proportions.

He delivers your packages and makes sure they arrive at your door safely. He checks every nook and cranny for the most (what he considers) beautiful dice, some from far off lands and towns. His most important job is to find plushie creatures that need homes then brings them to the Adventurer’s Adoption Guild so they find their forever family.

He is a wonder bird that never stops! He is not a normal crow by any means, he’s imbued with magic. This is a special magic conjured by his friends Morgan and Beardlen, the humans behind Morgan’s Art Quest.

He wanted to make sure he could do all the things so he asked them for this blessing, which they gladly gave. He now dedicates himself to his missions, and is always on the move making sure that everything lands where it needs to be