Special Orders

If I don't have a particular item in my shop I offer special orders. This usually applies to crystals but depending on the item, I may be able to find that also. Below are the policies for special orders, please read these completely so you know them ahead of time.

  • Descriptions and/or pictures are needed to find the piece you are looking for. Please be as detailed as possible, this helps me find that perfect piece in a timely manner.
  • Pictures will be sent for you to pick your piece, I need a response within 24 hours.
  • Special orders are not claimed with my vendors until approval is received, this way it guarantees you are getting the item you want.
  • All special orders must be paid up front before the item is ordered for shipping. Payment must be received within a week of claiming.
  • Returns are not accepted for special orders, but if damage happens in transit we can discuss what options are available.
  • Once a special order is paid for there cannot be a cancellation.
  • If continual claims and non payment happen, special orders will no longer be available. You are still free to shop my website.
  • To make a special order please go to the contact page, or email me at info@morgansartquest.com.

Below are pictures of some items I have procured for customers!



High quality amber